Bow buying for beginners

The sheer array and technicality of archery equipment can be a bit bewildering for a first-time buyer, but Andrew Smith’s handy guide breaks down everything you need to know before you buy

How to practise with a new bow

The first few weeks with a new bow can be full of things to remember. Andrew Smith recommends keeping things simple, and prioritising form over fiddly tuning

Q&A: Achieving the right back tension

Patrick Huston describes how to get your shoulders in the correct position and therefore the right back tension for your shot

How do you tie an adjustable nocking point?

Bart Czuwara talks you through how to tie an adjustable nocking point…

Shooting strengtheners: Custom workout routine for archers

Personal trainer Lucy O’Sullivan explains how being fit can aid your archery, and outlines the basics of a gym routine that can help supplement your shooting


Archery 2017: The year in review

At the conclusion of another outdoor season, John Stanley looks back at the big scores, surprises, and successes

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Top Picks: New kit releases

This season’s must-haves. Here’s a special selection of some of the new kit that’s caught our eye over the summer, sure to be on our Christmas wish-lists! T.R.U.Ball eXecute   Price: Expected from around $179.99 The latest release from T.R.U.Ball

Finals Finalists

The seven qualifiers in each category for the World Cup Finals have been finalised and announced. The eighth archer will be nominated by the host country Denmark, where the finals will be held in Odense in September. Compound men  Mike


Picking your kit: Stabilisers and setup

Patrick Huston completes his guide to choosing equipment with a look at a recurve archer’s stabilisation options

Arrow selection: Field archery

Speed Matters: James Park continues his series on arrow selection, this time looking at the factors that influence the best choice for an arrow for field archery

Q&A: Beginners compound equipment

Duncan Busby responds to a query on what equipment to start off with when you are still finding your draw length…

Shaft selection: Picking the right arrow

James Park considers the factors that go into selecting the best arrow for the job I am frequently asked about optimum arrow selection. The fact is, it varies depending upon what type of archery you are considering, so let us consider,

Do you really need a new bow?

Contemplating purchasing a new bow? How important is it really to keep up with the very latest technology, and does it warrant the now substantial cost of upgrading regularly? Roy Rose reveals if it’s worth it…

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