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World Cup: Three Stages In

Three stages of the 2014 World Cup have been completed, and the rankings ahead of the fourth stage give some clues as to who might be making an appearance in the finals at Lausanne. Last year’s champion Oh Jin Hyek leads

The unit from Trigger Tech looks small, but made a big difference!

Trigger Tech

Chris Aston explains trigger upgrades from a  specialist company Trigger Tech is a  Canadian company that specialises in producing trigger upgrades for crossbows. The first offerings from Trigger Tech were designed to fit the popular range of Excalibur crossbows, while

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The Rules of the Game

Most archery organisations in the UK include crossbows in their rules of shooting – but there’s some variation regarding draw weights, arrow lengths and the type of sighting equipment that can be used at clubs and in competitions. So if

Liam cites rest days as the best way to help your body recover from an intensive shooting schedule

Ask The Experts

Q: Considering the amount professional archers shoot, what do you do to prevent injury?   A For me the key to preventing injuries has always been rest days. I have shot full-time for five years and never experienced an injury, and I

Some shooters, including top shot Sergio Pagni of Italy, do have strong string-to-nose contact as part of their style

Ask The Experts

Q: I shoot compound but tend to pull the string hard up against my nose. I have read and heard that this can interfere with the arrow flight on release – is this habit really that bad for my shooting?   



3D Grand Prix 3rd Leg 2014 / Antalya – Kemer

ONOK ARCHERY will host one of the most prestigious competitions in the world in Antalya, Kemer on 18-19 October 2014. Taking place at the Mount Olympos Beydağları Coastal National Park, the 3D Archery Grand Prix is being organised with the

Lights, XCEL Camera, action!

  When Bow International got hold of the XCEL Camera, we stuck it on our bow to get some close-up archery action footage!

WA sights Commonwealth inclusion

World Archery has asked for greater clarity from the Commonwealth Games Federation with regards to its assessment criteria for a sport’s place in the games. Archery was included at the Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games, but not at the most recent

Jo Frith took gold in women's W1 compound, beating GBR team mate Vicky Jenkins

Success in Switzerland

Great Britain’s para-archery squad picked up nine medals at the para-archery European Championships in Switzerland. The haul meant the team ranked second overall in the medal table, and included all three individual medals in women’s W1 – where Jo Frith

03_Archery Centre

New boss developed in Warwickshire

A Warwickshire-based coach has developed a new type of boss, made from recycled materials, thanks to a grant from Funding 4 Innovation. Paul Hadley, director of Stratford Archery Centre, experimented with recycled materials to make a boss that was lighter


Maxed Out

Larry Godfrey gives you the lowdown on Win&Win’s top-end riser, the Inno MAX The latest instalment of the Inno range from Win&Win, introduced in 2013, is considered the big brother to the Inno CXT – the Inno MAX. The designers

Sitting Comfortably

As a crossbow shooter, my style of archery has a lot in common with Field Target air rifle shooting. So, when I’m after a specialist accessories for my X-Bow, I often turn to ‘FT’ airgun scene for the kit that

Resistance stabilisation gives a more active shot on release

Stabilisers made easy

The last few years has seen in a dramatic change in compound stabilisation, certainly the biggest I have noticed in my sixteen years of shooting. You will have seen multiple articles, YouTube clips and other marketing trying to push forward

The Overdraw – Understood

Over my years as a coach and competitor I have had more and more people ask me to explain why I have used an overdraw on my bow and how it would affect their set up. I have been using

In use: Measure how much the band stretches

Make sure it fits!

Since I looked at the effect of nock fit on group sizes by shooting arrows fitted with worn nocks through the Hooter Shooter, then comparing the groups to those shot by arrows with new nocks, I’ve been using a tool

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