Q&A: Should I shoot with both eyes open?

Roy Rose discusses eye focus and whether you should be shooting with both eyes open

Event report: Arizona Cup

Here comes the sun! The first major North American tournament of the year didn’t disappoint. Crystal Gauvin was there.

Q&A: When to retire arrows

Adrian Tippins reveals the tell tale signs that your arrows are approaching retirement

5 Top new archery toys!

Some of the newer gear available at your local archery retailer

Q&A: Which spin wings should you pick?

Adrian Tippins discusses what type of spin wings to go for when making the switch from plastic vanes…


Ladies First on Netflix now!

Incase you missed it, the Deepika Kumari documentary has finally been released on Netflix, so you can watch in the comfort of your own home!

5 Top new archery toys!

Some of the newer gear available at your local archery retailer

The best international outdoor tournaments

Pack your suitcase! Duncan Busby takes us through some of the best international outdoor competitions to jet off to in 2018

The best UK tournaments this summer

There are hundreds of tournaments held every weekend throughout the UK; For those of you who are serious about competing Duncan Busby says these are sure to be top of your list…

Some observations from the Shanghai World Cup, 2018

Regular contributor Dr. James Park was in Shanghai for the first World Cup of the year – and he wasn’t happy with everybody’s arrows. He shares his thoughts exclusively for Bow


New Season! New Bow?

Duncan Busby takes us through the decisions you’ll need to make when choosing a modern compound bow

Viva Las Vegas shoot!

The biggest ever edition of the largest indoor tournament in the world didn’t disappoint

Picking your kit: Stabilisers and setup

Patrick Huston completes his guide to choosing equipment with a look at a recurve archer’s stabilisation options

Arrow selection: Field archery

Speed Matters: James Park continues his series on arrow selection, this time looking at the factors that influence the best choice for an arrow for field archery

Q&A: Beginners compound equipment

Duncan Busby responds to a query on what equipment to start off with when you are still finding your draw length…

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