The author holding multiple arrows for rapid reloading during the Hungarian event at the first stage of the European Grand Prix in Poland, 2014

Shooting From Horseback

Dan Sawyer of the British Horseback Archery Association gives you an overview of this unique side of the sport: how it used to be, how it’s practiced now, and how you can get involved The centaur is one of the most

A closed fist to the wall with a T-alignment is an excellent draw length reference

Measure Up

When it comes to getting comfortable with your bow, John Dudley advises starting with your measurements   One of the most important parts of archery is having a perfect draw length. It should be something you know, something you set on

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When Learning Goes Wrong

Craig Johnson outlines how and why bad habits can form, and what to do to break them In other features I’ve given an overview of the nervous system, motor feedback and motor learning. This article will examine some of the

If you know a particular error sends your arrows off in a particular place, you’re more likely to be able to correct yourself

The Thinking Side of Archery

James Park distils the essential rules for understanding why you lose points, and some additions that should go into your personal rulebook  The thinking side of archery is properly the domain of the psychologist, not the engineer. Nevertheless, it is

As a rule, the arrow lands where the pin was at the time the bow went off, so the principle of aiming is to get the pin as close to the centre as you can

Aiming and Attention

Liam Grimwood explains how to achieve the relaxed yet focused aim top shooters use, which can help keep you calm as well as on target      Aiming is an extremely critical part of the shot. Most compound shooters that


Archery GB's George Harding and Amy Oliver take aim at Nottingham Beach

European Champs Ticket Giveaway!

Fancy going to the European Championships finals, for free? Simply tweet us a picture and you could be there! Thanks to our friends at Archery GB we have four pairs of tickets to give away to the Saturday finals of the


Odense Announced

The location for the 2016 Archery World Cup Finals has been announced as Odense, in Denmark. The 11th World Cup Finals will be staged in the King’s Garden, an 18th century palace garden, on the weekend of 24-25 September. Denmark


Volunteer Awards

The recent Archery GB AGM wasn’t just about voting on changes and electing boards, it’s also where the governing body hands out awards to honour the amazing service volunteers do for archery. The gold plaquette went to Sue Williamson, who


Centre Crowdfunding

World Archery has launched a crowdfunding campaign for its Excellence Centre, allowing members of the public to contribute to the project in the final stages of its development. Benefits for the people donating include the opportunity to have their names

Archery AGM

The Archery GB Annual General Meeting was held on 16 April at Bisham Abbey National Sports Centre in Buckinghamshire, and attracted 130 people. Several changes were voted on at the event, which included: raising the senior member’s fee to £42



Outdoor Ready

Outdoor archery brings a different set of demands for the archer and their equipment – so here’s a selection of the best outdoor shooting gear   Base layer Summer might be approaching, but that doesn’t always mean it’s short-sleeve weather! This

Delta McKenzie

Best of the ATA

Many companies use the ATA Show to launch new products and showcase developments, so we’ve rounded up our pick of the best new and upgraded gear     Easton Easton had several new products and upgrades to old favourites on display

If you’ve got good clearance, plastic vanes are more durable than feathers

Arrow Advice

Struggling with getting wide-diameter arrows to shoot well? Liam Grimwood looks at what you can try In the last few years there have been some big developments in indoor compound shafts. It is widely accepted that to give yourself the

You can find the centre of your group after every six arrows, but this strategy might mean you lose points on all six of  those shots

Shift Your Sights

James Park explains how to ensure your sights are set for maximum scoring potential In an earlier feature for Bow International I showed the results of some research I conducted on archers’ arrow groups at the World Cup Stage 1, and


Best of the Bags

Get your gear around in one of these top options Aurora City Pack This semi-rigid reinforced backpack offers plenty of space for transporting all your gear: it has a double linked zip entry down the front, and has a top

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