Change: Your Archery Enemy?

Roy Rose explains why the very human desire to experiment can sometimes hold your archery back We’re told change is inevitable, except from a vending machine, and certainly most life experiences will often require change in order to function successfully.


Ask The Experts: Weak Shots

Q: I have been scoring quite well in compound competition, but I’m still shooting a number of weak and wayward shots. What could be the reason for that? A: Weak shots, which often feel tentative at full draw, and which

Experiment with different scope decals to see if that helps your aiming on a small face

Ask The Experts

Q: I’ve found that since moving indoors my release has deteriorated. I used to be able to execute a clean, unanticipated shot but now I’m hanging up and holding on too long. I don’t want to get into the habit of

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A Bow In The Hand

Duncan Busby says a correct grip is vital to accurate shooting, and explains how to find your perfect placement Since the main contact point between an archer and their bow is through the grip, how you hold your bow can

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Ask The Experts: Home Ranges

Q: Would you recommend getting a target to practise with at home? I have a safe backstop in my back garden, but it won’t fit a full-length range! Is it still worth getting one? A: Definitely YES! Once you have



Finals draw the crowds

The World Cup Finals, held in Mexico City on the weekend of 24-25 October, was the largest crowd at an archery event since the London 2012 Olympics, according to World Archery’s president. The 4,500-capacity stands were packed out as the

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New World Record!

Sara Lopez has hit the headlines once again, as the Colombian archer has posted the highest-ever recorded score for the World Archery 1440 round in history, shooting 1424 at the Colombian National Games. The previous record in the women’s compound round was set by Germany’s Kristina Heigenhauser,

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European Championships: Tickets on sale

Tickets for the 2016 European Outdoor Championships have gone on sale to Archery GB members. The event will be held in Nottingham from 23-29 May, and tickets are now available for the finals on Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 May. While the qualification and

Great Britain's Jo Frith is nominated for Para-Archer of the Year: she currently holds all seven active records in the new women's W1 division

Voting open for Athlete of the Year

World Archery has opened voting on its Athlete of the Year awards. The public vote makes up 50 per cent of the overall poll – an archery panel also has a say. The athlete categories cover men’s compound, women’s compound, men’s

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Hit the Sweet Spot

T.R.U.Ball has announced the coming release of the all-new Sweet Spot Pro release aid. The re-defined SS Pro, which will be available in 2016, has a solid brass body and interchangeable handles, which are the same ones that are used for the popular thumb-activated T.R.U.Ball Incredible.


If you’ve got good clearance, plastic vanes are more durable than feathers

Arrow Advice

Struggling with getting wide-diameter arrows to shoot well? Liam Grimwood looks at what you can try In the last few years there have been some big developments in indoor compound shafts. It is widely accepted that to give yourself the

You can find the centre of your group after every six arrows, but this strategy might mean you lose points on all six of  those shots

Shift Your Sights

James Park explains how to ensure your sights are set for maximum scoring potential In an earlier feature for Bow International I showed the results of some research I conducted on archers’ arrow groups at the World Cup Stage 1, and


Best of the Bags

Get your gear around in one of these top options Aurora City Pack This semi-rigid reinforced backpack offers plenty of space for transporting all your gear: it has a double linked zip entry down the front, and has a top

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Strings and Strategies

Recurve engineer George Tekmitchov looks at the development of string materials, and how to get the best out of yours The bowstring is one of the three fundamental components of any modern recurve bow. Limbs, riser, and the string are

The study of target faces from Shanghai and Antalya found compound archers gave away fewer points from a mis-set sight than recurve archers

Sight Settings

How accurate are yours? James Park looks into an important aspect of bow setup Some readers might be aware that I have had a long-term interest in accurate sight settings. Back in the late 1970s I worked out the mathematics

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