2019 World Archery Championships: Preview

Every two years, the archery world holds a target World Championships. This is the longest running international competition in target archery, and has a history going back to 1931, when World Archery was still known as FITA. It was held

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Antalya World Cup 2019

Most archery fans are familiar with Antalya, the pleasantly relaxed beach resort on the Turkish Mediterranean coast. You may be familiar with the fact that it’s an eternal fixture on the World Cup circuit, having hosted every single stage since

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The Secrets of Korean Archery

Collectively, Korean archery is as strong as it has ever been. The recurve standard creeps higher every year, the compound team is now undoubtedly amongst the world’s elite, and the medals keep coming, despite a few wobbles in 2019. But

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Medellin: World Cup 2019

Colombia doesn’t do normal weather. Close to the equator and the Andes mountains, it has two summer seasons and two rainy seasons. Medellin in April, the ‘City Of Eternal Spring‘, in the mountain highlands on the edge of the Andes,

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Indian archery issues continue

A long-running issue over administration in Indian archery continues, as the sport continues to move deeper into the Olympic cycle. World Archery officially recognised the newly-elected archery AAI (Archery Association of India) as a legitimate authority to select the teams

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Vegas 2019

Once again, The Vegas Shoot surpassed itself, and the largest festival of archery ever held passed off with superlatives bursting everywhere. It hasn’t always been this way. From small beginnings in the 1960s, with occasional indoor archery competitions held in

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16 Indoor Season Tips

Nicola Turner has 16 ways to wake up your indoor game The indoor season is sometimes seen as the poorer relation of the outdoor season when it comes to archery, for multiple reasons: there isn’t any Olympic glory to be

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Indoor season bows

At the recent Roma Archery Trophy, we spoke to four elite archers to find out what they were swinging this season. (Click each image to expand).  

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Poundage: how heavy does a recurve bow need to be?

One of the most common questions that people unfamiliar with archery ask is along the lines of: “Don’t you have to be really strong to do it?”. The pretty-much-universal advice is to start shooting at a low bow weight, and

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Winter Maintenance

By Duncan Busby and Crystal Gauvin.  The New Year is a time for resolutions, but when it comes to archery the winter season can make even the most passionate of archers lose interest. Between the cold weather – and gluttony

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