The Finsbury Marks

Once, a huge swathe of London was an archery range. By Hugh Soar Archery practice in the 1500s was governed by statute and, with certain exceptions, all males were required to take part, with – it has to be said

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Archery Fit – are you kidding?

Do you know how to get a million? No? Well, neither do we but we sure know how to spend one (on an archery range)! Can you imagine a fitness gym that makes you pay £100 per month for membership?

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Silver Archery

Bow International looks back at the time we took a visit to Silver Archery, one of the newest archery retailers to open up shop in the UK, to find out what’s in the shop and to meet the people behind it Silver Archery

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Central London gets specialised archery centre

A new archery club has opened in central London.  Archery Fit is a joint project set up by Roman and Kate, who noticed the lack of a dedicated indoor archery centre in London and decided to do something about it

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