Archery Fit

How to get stronger and fitter at home

Not quite ready to venture out of your winter cocoon and take on the gym? Lucy O’Sullivan says you can still improve your archery

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Shooting strengtheners: Custom workout routine for archers

Personal trainer Lucy O’Sullivan explains how being fit can aid your archery, and outlines the basics of a gym routine that can help supplement your shooting

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Archery Fit – are you kidding?

Do you know how to get a million? No? Well, neither do we but we sure know how to spend one (on an archery range)! Can you imagine a fitness gym that makes you pay £100 per month for membership?

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Central London gets specialised archery centre

A new archery club has opened in central London.  Archery Fit is a joint project set up by Roman and Kate, who noticed the lack of a dedicated indoor archery centre in London and decided to do something about it

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