Hit the right note

How one elite archer keeps things tidy. By Günter Kuhr. So you want to be good at this archery lark, right? You are making notes, yes? On every aspect of your training? If you aren’t, you may be missing a

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Three ways to judge distances on unmarked field rounds

These three methods are all well-known approaches – and most good field archers will at least one or a combination of these three to set yardage

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Inside The Archer is back in a new edition

One of the most important guides to recurve archery ever is being reprinted – we spoke to one of its authors to find out what’s changed

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Q&A: How to settle into a competition setting

Alistair Whittingham shares his top tips for combating competition nerves and settling into the game quicker

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How to get outdoor ready

With the indoor season drawing to a close, Patrick Huston shares his guide to preparing for outdoors, so you can hit the ground running

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How to overcome ‘wrong’ eye dominance

Left-eye dominant but right-handed, Lucy O’Sullivan has spent a fair amount of time working to overcome the problems that presents. Here, she shares some of the tips and tricks she’s learned

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Q&A: Finding your arrow length

Adrian Tippins discusses the importance of knowing your arrow length when looking to buy your first bow…

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Interview: Braden Gellenthien’s 2017

We spoke to Team USA regular Braden Gellenthien at the beginning of year, and got his predictions on how he thought things were going to turn out. We caught up with him at the end of it to find out if his feelings had been right

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Fitness Fix for Archers

With many new year resolutions revolving around getting fitter, Duncan Busby looks at how to improve your overall fitness in ways that will benefit your archery

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Q&A: Beginners compound equipment

Duncan Busby responds to a query on what equipment to start off with when you are still finding your draw length…

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