What your target face says about your technique

Learn how to read your target face and it could help to improve your score, James Park explains what to look for…

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How to build an arrow part 3: Wraps

The third instalment in his series on building the perfect set of arrows, Adrian Tippins looks at wraps, and explains how to get the right type, size and application

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How to build an arrow part 2: Points and pins

In the second part of his series on arrow-building, Adrian Tippins looks at getting good bonds when it comes to inserting points and pins

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Ask The Experts – GPI

Q: GPP, GPI, what’s that all about? A:Quite often we are asked: ‘Can I use carbon arrows?’ Often the answer was: ‘No! Use wooden arrows only.’ Being a bit of a rebel however, that did not sit right with me.

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Arrow Advice

Struggling with getting wide-diameter arrows to shoot well? Liam Grimwood looks at what you can try In the last few years there have been some big developments in indoor compound shafts. It is widely accepted that to give yourself the

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Ask The Experts – Bright Arrows

Q: I started shooting instinctively but I now have problems with maintaining my concentration on the target. I group arrows well when I shoot paper faces but when I rove or shoot 3D my groups spread badly.   A: Yes,

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Ask The Experts – Fletching ‘Wings’

Q: I’ve heard a lot recently about the ‘wing’ of the fletchings. Does it matter if the left or right turn is used? And is one or the other preferable for a right or left handed archer? A: Sometimes archers believe that

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A Mystery Revived

Hugh D. Soar examines arrows from the past, and reveals what they might be able to show us about historical warfare and craftsmanship Traditional archery is not noted for mystery, but certain items recovered from the ‘Mary Rose’ have had

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The Lazy Guide to Archery

Andrew Smith says it doesn’t all have to be hard work – there are several tips and shortcuts you can use to improve your archery while making the most of your shooting time It’s a fact that most archers find

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Component Choices

You selected the perfect shaft, but what’s next? Duncan Busby explains how to plan and build your arrows Selecting the right components for your arrows can be a daunting decision. With so many options available, how do you know which

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