Know your bow: Recurve, compound and longbow

The big little differences: What is the difference between longbows, recurve bows, and compound bows? Not as much as you might think, says James Park…

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Bowyery For Beginners

Pip Bickerstaffe relates the trials and tribulations of compressing a bow making course into two days, and the eventual successes Over the 50 years plus that I have been involved in archery I have done many things in the archery

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Ask The Experts – Making a Longbow

Q: I am a relatively new archer and would like to make myself a longbow. A friend in the club has a lovely osage longbow so I would like to make one like it from a kit, but how much

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Ask The Experts – Practice

Q: I’ve been shooting a longbow for a while but it is only now that I’m actually thinking more seriously about practicing archery. Just going out and flinging some arrows down the range doesn’t improve my skills. Is there anything

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Ahead of the Game

As Richard Head Longbows celebrated 21 years as a full-time bow making company, Bow International caught up with founder Richard Head   Richard Head has been making bows professionally for 21 years, though his involvement in archery goes back way beyond that.

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Native Bow Woods

Pip Bickerstaffe looks at the different woods native to the UK that can be used for making bows, and the advantages, disadvantages, and characteristics of each I first started making bows while I was still at school, having started archery

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The Archer’s Paradox and modern bows

You’ve heard the phrase, but what does it actually mean? Dave Egalton explains it may have a narrower application than previously thought

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Learning the longbow

If you’re interested in getting into traditional archery, Pip Bickerstaffe starts to outline some of the techniques involved in learning to shoot the longbow. This time, planning, warming up, and learning the draw

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