Poundage: how heavy does a recurve bow need to be?

One of the most common questions that people unfamiliar with archery ask is along the lines of: “Don’t you have to be really strong to do it?”. The pretty-much-universal advice is to start shooting at a low bow weight, and

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The ultimate field archery target guide

Uphill, downhill, shallow, steep – Patrick Huston plays all the angles in his quest for field archery perfection

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Three ways to judge distances on unmarked field rounds

These three methods are all well-known approaches – and most good field archers will at least one or a combination of these three to set yardage

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Archery tech explained: How a hinge release works

The last decade of competitive compound archery has undoubtedly seen a significant trend away from the thumb-trigger release to the hinge or back tension model

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Q&A: Should I shoot with both eyes open?

Roy Rose discusses eye focus and whether you should be shooting with both eyes open

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Practise with purpose

While practice might not make perfect, it should at least make you better. Coach Larry Wise explains how to structure a practice session to achieve just that

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How to get outdoor ready

With the indoor season drawing to a close, Patrick Huston shares his guide to preparing for outdoors, so you can hit the ground running

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Traditional troubleshoot: What’s dead release?

Rob Jones explains what dead and active release means from the perspective of a traditional archer

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How to overcome ‘wrong’ eye dominance

Left-eye dominant but right-handed, Lucy O’Sullivan has spent a fair amount of time working to overcome the problems that presents. Here, she shares some of the tips and tricks she’s learned

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Best foot forward: How to find your stance

A good stance is the foundation for a good shot, but it’s a very personal thing that can take some working out. Duncan Busby explains how to find the best stance for you

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