James Park

The third set with James Park

James Park examines whether the third set is critical to recurve competition. Is the third set in a match more important than the other sets? Archers lose score for many reasons. For example, they can lose points due to not

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Some observations from the Shanghai World Cup, 2018

Regular contributor Dr. James Park was in Shanghai for the first World Cup of the year – and he wasn’t happy with everybody’s arrows. He shares his thoughts exclusively for Bow

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Shaft selection: Picking the right arrow

James Park considers the factors that go into selecting the best arrow for the job I am frequently asked about optimum arrow selection. The fact is, it varies depending upon what type of archery you are considering, so let us consider,

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Flex in Free Flight

James Park begins a series of articles analysing the flex of an arrow in free flight During the power stroke of a bow the arrow is subjected to very severe forces – the acceleration is around 1000g. Consequently, it is

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The Thinking Side of Archery

James Park distils the essential rules for understanding why you lose points, and some additions that should go into your personal rulebook  The thinking side of archery is properly the domain of the psychologist, not the engineer. Nevertheless, it is

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Shift Your Sights

James Park explains how to ensure your sights are set for maximum scoring potential In an earlier feature for Bow International I showed the results of some research I conducted on archers’ arrow groups at the World Cup Stage 1, and

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Sight Settings

How accurate are yours? James Park looks into an important aspect of bow setup Some readers might be aware that I have had a long-term interest in accurate sight settings. Back in the late 1970s I worked out the mathematics

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Draws and Drawbacks

James Park revisits the role of biomechanics in good form: this time, the draw I have previously noted that the principles of good biomechanics are quite simple. We want to use our bodies in the most effective manner to enable high scores and

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Optimise and Minimise

Top coach James Park reveals what you need to think about in order to both optimise your performance and minimise chances of injury In any sporting activity we need to use our body in the best way to optimise our

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Keeping a low profile

James Park looks at how stabilisers with blade-type profiles came about, and how they differ to circular rods

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