Archery books

The essential archery library you need – and whyBy Emma Davis and Tom Hall With Winning in Mind Author: Lanny BasshamPublisher: Mental Management Systems, first published 1988 With Winning in Mind is a manual for the Mental Management System developed

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Complete guide to: compound stabilisation

By Duncan Busby, who likes to keep things balanced. Look along any shooting line and you will see an entire row of stabilisers pointing towards the target. These are not actually essential to shoot a bow, but you will see

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Ask the experts

Our expert panel answers your questions. Send yours to Q: I’ve noticed that whenever I shoot a perfect end I tend to follow this up by shooting badly in my next end. What’s going on? Duncan Busby says: You

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The business end with Adrian Tippins

Getting arrow selection right first time. With Adrian Tippins. What standard of arrows do I need?” and “Which should I buy?” are two very frequently asked questions from archers. I spend a lot of time with customers debating these very

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Back in the groove

This time, Lucy O’ Sullivan focuses on developing a strong back for archery. Did you know that if you strengthen your back muscles not only will you improve your posture and reduce lower back pain, but you will certainly improve your

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Essential archery books

The essential library you need – and why by Emma Davis and Tom Hall   Archery by USA Archery Published by Human Kinetics Publishers, 2013 The official handbook from USA Archery, this book sets out to provide a comprehensive guide

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Project: yourself

Erin Prior shows you how deliberate practice can make training effective. Many archers see the value in their training sessions to help them prepare physically and perhaps even mentally for their upcoming competitions. However, various other commitments in life can often

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Nîmes: From the inside

Rebekah Tipping tells us what it’s like to shoot in Nîmes against the best – and what she took home from the experience

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How important is the bubble level?

Crystal Gauvin sets you straight on whether your scope’s bubble level being, well, ‘level’ while shooting is important…

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Does arrow straightness really matter?

Everyone takes the importance of arrow straightness as a given – but is it possible to quantify? James Park and a group of fellow archers undertook a test to find out

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